Company Policies and Manufacturing

Company Policies

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Constant Product Quality Upgradation
  • Innovation and regular addition of new products to the range
  • Economic and Competitive Pricing without compromising quality
  • Latest Packaging Techniques
  • Custom Branding
  • Constant Improvement in Products & Services by listening to our clients

How do we manufacture?

We believe in a collaborative manufacturing setup. It is a fact that the Sports Fishing Accessories Product range has such a huge variety that it is practically impossible for a single factory to manufacture everything on its own. Therefore, along with manufacturing some major components ourselves, we partner with some workshops and factories that specialize in making parts of our products. This in turn helps us in delivering a huge variety of products on time and at very economical prices.

Main components of all products are made at our own setup. Ancillary parts like swivels, catapult elastic, clips, foams etc. are sourced from factories that make these parts in bulk. At the same time small metal parts like Tops, Screws, Adaptors, handles etc. are made in workshops with skilled craftsmen who are doing such tooling on a regular basis.

Finally, we bring together everything under our best supervision to complete the products and supply them to you at the best possible prices and with the latest packaging standards.